clutterThese days, I am cutting back and simplifying my life. So I have been getting rid of stuff and finding out what is essential. 

Moving from a 4 bedroom 3 bath house into a 1 bedroom 1 bath condo with a loft motivated me to get started. Actually I started about three years prior to this move after a move into the 4 bedroom house. Upon moving in, I found the 2 car garage full of stuff. Why wasn't this stuff in the house? Did I need it? Why did I have it?

The stuff in the garage fell into several categories:

  • Stuff that I hadn't had time to unpack yet in put in the house (mostly artwork and pottery)
  • Things I had used at one time, and 'might need again someday'.
  • Items for yard and house maintenance
  • Junk I didn't have any use for, but didn't want to put in the trash, just yet.

After remodeling this house, and moving in, I had no energy left to deal with the garage. It sat that way for a few months. Then I hired a friend to come help me go through boxes and place artwork in the house, and begin to separate things a bit. It took about six hours. It was worth it!

The next bit took over three years and required countless trips to Goodwill, ads on Craigslist and gifts to friends. And donations to my public library.

I took all the items still needed (mostly for home and yard mantenance) and put them in plastic bins on restaurant shelving I purchased from Costco.

After all that, my garage was so clean that I painted it, and stripped and painted the floor with epoxy. Neighbors would walk by and drop their jaws in awe.

But the whole thing started again when I moved from the large house to the small condo! More trips to Goodwill and ads on Craigslist. 

Now I have it down to just a few things I just can't get rid of (yet).

It will happen!